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About Us

Let us help you make you make your business a success!RPA Consulting is a company specializing in the development of optimization and robotic automation of business processes (RPA). The range of services we offer covers the whole spectrum of building and proper management of processes in today's business environment.

Non-invasive technology

FULL integration with what you have existing, and YOUR ways of working. RPA doesn’t require any major IT architecture changes or deep integration with the underlying systems (unlike BPMS). RPA offers a reliable, but fast and cost efficient way for a “light weight” integration into processes and IT assets.
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Incredible Return Of Investment

Investment is returned in months (average 3-9 months) instead of years when implementing a BPMS for example
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Еasy scalability

Once a robot is trained, additional robots can be deployed quickly for either no extra or minimal cost.
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Human resource optimization

The new army of virtual FTEs takes over the repetitive, non-value-adding tasks performed by humans, while humans act as virtual workforce managers.
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Learn out what we can do for you!

We will analyze your workflow, make recommendations for their automation and prepare a DEMO for free!

    After an identification and thorough analysis of the to-be-automated process, we develop the "frame" of your new robot.
A chasis so to say, which we train to undestrand the process as a workflow. This frame is the base for starting real-life training, which happens under close supervision until the moment when the new "robot" learns to handle all cases, variations and exceptions of the process fulfillment. After we are confident the robot also feels confident in handling the challenges of the presented scenario, we hand it over to the customer as an executable software, to be installed on its future workstation. At this point the robot is ready for a real-world challenges. This is followed by a period of close supervision and identification of any exceptions, missed in the original process description, and additional training if necessary. This cycle usually lasts not more than a week in normal working conditions, after which your new robot is ready to go!

RPA solutions adoption throughout different business sectors


Financial and insurance 43%
Professional Services/ IT 39%
Sales and related 32%
Support/customer services 36%
Production 32%


Financial and insurance 47%
Professional Services/ IT 43%
Sales and related 36%
Support/customer services 41%
Production 39%

We can do it for you too! This is why:

29,184 Cups of Coffee
18 Clients Worked
43 Projects Done
3,648 Hours of Work

Our Easy Steps To Success

Let’s start making your company a financial success today
1. Process analysis and optimization
2. Robot development and training
3. Client integration and maintenance