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25% of tasks across every job category will be automated by 2019*

   Forecasts indicate RPA will transform up to 60% of work tasks in the sectors of management, business and finance, 48% in the professional sector and up to 41% in sales by the year of 2020 (Forester research 2015) As companies seek to digitize their operations, mature their business processes, and meet changing metrics, RPA is globally gaining interest as the preferred option over traditional avenues - such business process remodeling, application programming interfaces (API), and offshore or onshore manual processing - due to the relatively low cost and ease of implementation. Previously, automation had been seen as the domain of administrative, manufacturing, labor and service-based work. Current research and statistics indicate that RPA is increasingly transforming knowledge-based, professional service jobs. Manufacturing & production, IT, R&D, customer service, sales, and finance are the areas expected to face the most rapid changes due to automation over the next five years, showing an average of 34% yearly increase in the past 3 years. It is obvious that the business benefits and the workforce impact cannot be ignored by companies looking to remain profitable in the long run.