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Robots rarely look like in science fiction. They are not huge and threatening machines, and sometimes they do not even exist physically. In recent years the so-called software robots were born that automate computer-based work. The Bulgarian company, which last week officially gained funding of over BGN 1 million, is developing virtual robots for business optimization.

Currently, develops custom solutions for clients such as Lufthansa Technik Sofia, Lukoil, Axon, VM Finance, and others. The company’s calculation is that a software robot can automate the work of between 10 and 12 people. The goal this year is to package some of the solutions as free-market products. The number of employees (currently 10) in the optimistic scenario will triple within a year, and the last step will be to expand in Greece and Turkey. was founded in 2016 by Krasimir Krastev and Mihail Ivanov. Since 2020, the latter is not in the company. Currently, Mr. Krastev holds 78.5% of the ownership in the company “RPA Consulting”, and in place of Ivanov comes a new partner – Alexander Nedyalkov, who holds a minority stake of 5% in the company.

The rest of the property goes to the new investors, who have invested over BGN 1 million in the company. The fund manager of the Innovation Capital Fund holds 12.5% of the shares, and Philip Genov’s company for the digital transformation in the financial sector – F27, owns the remaining 4%. Digital Solution Partners, a private equity fund that has the same partners as F27, is also part of the investment round, but through convertible debt and currently has no stake. The investment is made when the company is valued at about BGN 4 million. For 2020, RPA Consulting reports a yearly revenue of BGN 340,000.

Photo: Nadezhda Chipeva / Author: Ioan Zapryanov / Source: Capital

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