IDC has ranked Automation Anywhere the #1 public cloud RPA vendor worldwide


Automation Anywhere is ranked the #1 public cloud RPA vendor worldwide. With a 54% market share, more than all other vendors combined. This is significant as Cloud RPA is the future of the RPA category because the cloud offers better scale, lower TCO, and stronger resilience than on-premises alternatives.

For example, watch how Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) describes how they will save over $140M in operating costs this year alone by switching from an on-premises provider to the Automation Anywhere Automation 360 Cloud. Explore more great examples Here.

Automation 360 has been architected from the ground up to be the only cloud-native and web-based intelligent automation platform in the market. This modern architecture combined with an easy-to-use UI empowers customers to automate 2X more processes, scaling 3X faster, and at 1/5th the cost of legacy on-premises solutions of the other vendors. That’s why two-thirds of our new customers choose the cloud as the default deployment platform for their RPA projects.

We highly encourage you to experience Automation 360 Cloud. If you are on Enterprise 11 or Enterprise 10, learn how you can test drive Automation 360 side by side with your current RPA program. In addition, you will be able to try new products like Discovery Bot, our process discovery solution, and AARI, our low-code/no-code digital assistant for every employee.

For more information, contact RPA Consulting from Here and experience endless possibilities with Automation 360 Cloud.