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Robotic Process Automation


RPA Consulting is the first Bulgarian company focused on developing cross-platform RPA solutions for end customers. So far, the company has developed over 100 automations for customers in Bulgaria and abroad.

End-to-End RPA Transformation

Our model of work is the main thing that distinguishes us from the competition on the market. We offer complete solutions for optimization and robotic automation of business processes (RPA), also known as software robots.

Process identification

We analyze your business processes and identify those that are subject to optimization through a software robot.

Complete RPA solutions

We stand by our clients all the way through their digital transformation journey - from optimization and process design, through development, implementation, maintenance, to active training.

Software robots development

We develop software robots according to your needs and requirements compatible with any software and work environment.  

Support and training

After the successful completion of each project, we are at your disposal for further maintenance of software robots and training of your employees.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

With help of RPA software robots can be created that can learn, simulate, analyze and then perform business tasks/processes according to predefined rules.

RPA automation allows robots to be created by observing the digital interactions of people with different software systems.

The business of the future uses RPA!

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How does RPA help your business?

RPA provides a number of benefits from the start of its work such as cost reduction, higher accuracy, and precision, faster time to complete each task, and continues to deliver benefits as it grows throughout your organization. Frees the management team to plan expanse without worrying about staffing.

How is RPA evolving globally?

RPA is growing very fast and according to Gartner in 2021 the revenue from RPA is expected to be over 2 billion dollars. Which is an increase of about 20% on an annual basis compared to 2020.

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Digital Workers

Digital Worker is a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learned (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is a combination of RPA and Artificial Intelligence (AI), these technologies allow very fast automation of business processes.

Intelligent Document Processing

IDP is the automatic extraction of information from each document to be able to automate the business process from end to end.

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