Intelligent Automation(IA)

IA Combines the power of RPA and AI to provide fast end-to-end business process automation!

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), these technologies allow faster automation of business processes, which accelerates the digital transformation of the business.

To expand the scope of business process automation by automating new ones, Intelligent Automation (IA) combines the execution of processes by RPA with machine learning (ML) and the analytical capabilities of automatic process detection and process analysis. This is achieved using cognitive technologies such as computer vision (Computer Vision), Natural Language Processing (NLP), fuzzy logic.

Intelligent Automation (IA) extends throughout the process of discovery, automation, and automation optimization of any business processes, orchestrating work between combined teams of humans and software robots.

How does IA work?

Intelligent automation works by integrating and using cognitive technologies along with RPA.

In contrast to traditional automation, which relies on precise instructions and structured data, IA helps you with every step of the automation process and then continues to improve over time.

The IA cycle begins with the discovery of processes where IA tools automatically monitor the work that people do, identify optimal workflows, and offer an automation solution.

In the automation phase, IA uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to access unstructured information. It includes chat, conversations, audio and video, documents, and more. This process is crucial to do end-to-end automation.  In today's business organizations, unstructured information makes up about 80% of all business information.

The automated analysis relies on AI to detect repetitive patterns in the data processed and to predict future benefits for more productive work.

The result?
Self-regulating automation from the beginning to the end of each business process, while reducing errors and managing bots over time.

What are the benefits of IA?

AI + RPA makes it possible to automate extremely complex tasks

Enhanced RPA
in combination with AItechnology expands the capabilities of
robotic automation of business processes (
RPA) to include almost any scenario – cognitive
robots can make logical decisions, learn while working and become
a valuable resource in yours a team of humans and robots.

But the potential for the transformation of Intelligent Automation (IA) is that it creates an opportunity to rethink the methodology of business operation and seamlessly integrate technology, workflow, and people.

Automate every process from start to finish

Every business process is a candidate for automation when you use IA. Save time and money by reducing manual labor, cut the processing time and adjust the result of each task.

Reduce operational barriers

Cognitive automation is designed for unstructured, volatile, processes and data. RPA + AI can work with older systems and technologies and deal with other technological barriers, and connect front-office and back-office operations.

Organize and process complex data

IA will process the information no matter how big the data is, and how complex it looks at first sight. IA tools recognize, record, manipulate and read records from unstructured data sources

Eliminate errors and exceptions

Digital workers improve the efficiency and accuracy of routine tasks and complex business procedures. Over time, intelligent software robots continue to reduce exceptions and errors at work by learning to handle themselves with problems at work.

Improve the user experience

Increase your customers' satisfaction by providing them with faster service time, higher accuracy, and more consistent results.

Business areas using IA:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Financial services



Pharmacy and scientific activity


The public sector

Distribution and logistics


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