Intelligent Document

Intelligent Document Processing(IDP)  is the automatic retrieval of information from any business document: invoices, receipts, PDF documents, images, emails, and more  

In this way, any business process can be automated from start to finish.

How does IDP work?

Business data is at the heart of the digital transformation, unfortunately 80% of all business data are in unstructured formats Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) transforms unstructured information into usable one.

Intelligent document processing is next-generation automation capable of capture, extract, and process data from various formats. 
IDP uses different AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing – (NLP), Optical Character Recognition – (OCR), Computer Vision, deep learning и Machine Learning – (ML), to classify, categorizes, and retrieves the relevant information, then validates the extracted data.

IDP makes all data available for business processing

The forecasts are that by 2025 global data will exceed 175 zetabytes. Most of this information is locked in emails, PDFs, and scanned documents. If we think for a moment about the amount of data only in emails, we can see a real barrier to automation and digital transformation. Each such document has so far required the work of an experienced employee.

IDP provides you with the best solution for extracting valuable information from any type of document!

Zettabyte data until 2025 according to the International Data Corporation

What are the advantages of combining IDP and RPA?

IDP + RPA enables business users to automate any business process that involves documents.

IDP is a key component of intelligent automation (IA). In standard RPA systems, setting up data retrieval to start automation is often a separate third-party project that adds current resources as well as vulnerabilities to integration.

Effective data retrieval and information structuring is the door to automating the large share of business processes that today rely on manual intervention. Embedding intelligent document processing in the RPA platform is what enables business users to automate end-to-end processes.

You get two of the main components of automation when IDP and RPA are on the same platform, working in sync effortlessly.

Where you can apply IDP in
Your business?

Decrypt hard-to-read content

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is the next step in OCR, using AI to better identify text elements that are difficult to read.

Digitization of paper documents

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) is the next step in OCR, using AI to better identify text elements that are difficult to read.

Supply chain standardization

For fast supply chain operations, you can use IDP to process barcodes, invoices, receipts, and other documents in various formats.

Creating documents and reports

Automate document creation by downloading information from a variety of sources. By using templates, detailed reports, complex legal documents, and many other.

Extracting information from documents

IDP can easily extract all the information you need from documents in various formats. The data is then saved, processed, or used by other applications.

Document management and archiving

Saving and organizing large amounts of documents is an easy task for IDP. Automated data retrieval or archiving has never been easier.

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