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RPA Consulting

Our end-to-end RPA transformation model is the main thing that distinguishes us from the competition on the market – software and service-oriented companies, which are naturally focused on the project approach.

Our extensive experience in combination with the development of technology shows us that maximum results from process automation are achieved when it grows into corporate centralized automation. In the general case, automation is led individually by business units that have identified the need and accepted the solution more easily than others. This segmentation leads to inefficient resource allocation, as well as turning RPA into a problem-solving tool instead of a corporate optimization approach, as technology is much more useful.

We believe that the constant pursuit of business optimization keeps companies on the technological edge of innovation and allows them to take full advantage of the benefits that technology creates for them. 

That’s why we work closely with our clients all the way to their digital transformation – from optimization and process design, through development, implementation, maintenance, to active training of key users in the client’s team, who together with us to lead the process forward. 

What are the steps in creating an RPA solution?

Identification of business processes

Our specialists will analyze and identify your business processes subject to automation, with Software Robots

Process analysis and optimization

After the initial data collection, detailed analysis and technical assignments are prepared.

Software robots development

Our team of professionals will create Software Robots to perform automatically your daily and recurring tasks.

Implementation of your Software Robots

Your Software Robots will be put into operation, additional settings and tests will be made for better performance.

Enjoy the benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Upon successful completion of the project, we remain available for:

  • Mutual identification and design of new processes
  • Continuing Power User Enablement
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Job training

What are our services?

Process identification
Process analysis and optimization
Documentation of developed robots
Bot development
Continuing Power User Enablement
Mutual identification and design of new processes
Preparation of PoC
Trusted integrator - work together with the client's team
Ongoing maintenance
Post-Go-Live Support
Job training

Building a team by the client for identification and optimization of processes, which works together with the team of developers of RPA Consulting to achieve fast and cost-effective automation.

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